Introducing “YourTor”: Tor Access for YourTilde

YourTor has been discontinued due to concerns over system security and platform abuse.

Tor is an anonymity network that’s popular among a lot of tildeverse members. To help them protect their privacy, we’ve now made it possible for members to access their favorite user websites and ssh from a new onion address. Non-members can also take advantage of our onion website and the available user sites!

For many in the tildeverse, privacy is a very important principle, and some other tildes also offer Tor connecing with their services. The Tor project already has a lot of uses throughout tech communities, and we believe its goals and approaches play well with core concepts of the tildeverse, and that tilde server members would be able to greatly benefit from the availability of onion services.

Our address is krx4yr5yh5agp6h2jl3xfbebdgl24oxlldovg34hedwfx46zwaclj7ad.onion

For more information on what YourTilde has to offer, feel free to check our services page!

Please note that misusing this service may get your account removed, or may get tor removed from the system.

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